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We here at Brisbane Free Vending are one of the largest suppliers for those of you wanting vending machines in Brisbane and QLD. Our many years of experience and passion for the vending industry cannot be beaten by anyone else.

For 20 years, we have been helping businesses, schools, air ports and other businesses all over Australia in having their own free vending systems for their work place.

When deciding between the various vending companies out there, quality and value for money must be at the forefront of your mind. Our machines are not your basic stock standard models. In fact our models are state of the art and are very reliable due to the custom parts found inside.

We are the only company (as far as we know) that uses a high quality German made compressor and quality computer chips. These parts ensure  that your machine will function well for many years to come. Our customers are pleasantly surprised when they have machines lasting them 10-15+ years!

Our systems are built with all the modern features you could want, and we top it all off with fantastic life time customer support.

You too can enjoy our state of the art machines along with the best customer support in Australia.

You won’t need to worry about delivery, installation of the system or refilling it either! We have everything covered all for the low price of zero dollars!

All it takes is a quick phone call, and we will have our technicians visit your work site in no time. Together we will work with you to ensure you get the items your taste buds desire. We understand your time is valuable, this is why we have made the whole experience quick, easy and hassle free for your business.

Customer Support that Cares
Being an independent company, we certainly don’t rest on our laurels. We believe in providing you with the best vending products, quality and customer service Australia has ever seen. We think it’s no accident that we have thousands of our systems placed in every city of Australia!

However we don’t just dump a machine on to you and then leave you to fend for yourself. We instead offer the most comprehensive and helpful customer support the industry has ever seen! We have customer support and technicians on stand by, ready to assist you whenever you need us.

We believe our helpful customer service, along with a wide selection of high quality products is the key reason why we have experienced the rapid growth and loyal customer base that we have today.

Brisbane Vending offers you life time customer support, Australia’s largest range of products, as well as a 12 month warranty on new items for sale.

One huge advantage to being an independent vendor is that we have no allegiance to any one brand of products.  There are no restrictions to the types of snacks and drinks that we can offer you. Unfortunately some of the larger vending suppliers restrict products to favor their own branded items. This is why you should consider Brisbane Free Vending, as the choice really is yours!

Not only can we assist your Brisbane business, but we can also help you if your located in any suburb or smaller city located in QLD.

Full Stomachs equals happy staff
It’s no surprise that when your staff are hungry or thirsty, there morale and work rate decreases. This means that your staff aren’t as productive as those who eat and drink well throughout the work day.  A Brisbane vending system is an easy, effective and no cost solution to ensure your work place is as happy and productive as it can be. We promise that you won’t regret having a snack or drink either, as we have all your favourites, as well as new items just waiting to be discovered!

We also have a continually growing range of healthy snacks and drinks to enjoy. We have noticed the increasing number of customers that are requesting healthier products,. We listened to the feedback and have really been focusing on our healthy We now provide choices such as tunas, cheeses, juices, gluten free chips, protein bars, chicken/beef rice meals, and even coconut water!

Please don’t waste your time and money on other providers. We don’t charge you a cent to use our systems and services. There are also no contracts to sign either! We don’t believe in locking anyone down, as we are confident in our services and ability to please you. We provide you a fantastic vending experience, and know you’ll enjoy it.

Incredible Systems Provided

Thousands of businesses all over Australia have taken us up on our free vending machine offer since we began it some time ago. Almost all of our customers have noted very positive feedback. The high quality of our machines, as well as our hassle free  process is regularly mentioned. Not only that, but we will continue to offer you free support for the life of the machine.

We offer 2 main models for you to choose from. Firstly if space is an issue, we do have a more compact model called the BV3. This smaller machine will be perfect for you and consists of exactly the same design and features as  our much larger model the  Bv5. Aside from the larger size and 30% extra capacity, both machines look and function exactly the same.

Our BV5 model being 1/3 larger, is our highest capacity machine that we stock. This model offers enough space to store a variety of tasty snacks and refreshing drinks. Our units are sleek, high quality and built with the latest technology such as coin, note and credit card readers, as well as other benefits such as coin jam prevention and pay wave option.

Not only do we provide you with snack/drink systems, we also have a range of different machines available:

  • Coffee
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Stationary
  • Medical

We are very confident in our vending products, services and customer support. We are positive that you’ll be pleased with us, just like the majority of our clients are.

If you’re part of a business or company in Brisbane, it’s time you order your own vending machines today!

Please contact us with your questions on 1300 629 153 – 9am to 5pm  (Monday to Friday – closed public holidays), or visit our contact page where you send us an email.

If you prefer, you can type to us in real time by using our live web chat found at the bottom of this page.

Why Choose UsSystem Specifications & Benefits
We Have Over 20 Years Experience Front Display Made From Glass
We Provide Free Systems For Your WorkplaceBuilt In Note and Credit Card Reader Included
Free Delivery LED Lighting provided energy efficiency
Free InstallationCoin Slide mechanism, eliminates coin jams
Sleek and state of the art machines suppliedEquipped with Ivend guaranteed Delivery
No Locked In Contracts or hidden feesSmall and large machines available
New and Second hand units also for sale100% Australian owned