Medical Vending Machines

Our latest entry in our vending machine line are our amazing medical vending machines. If you operate a hospital or medical centre, these units are ideal. As you may have come to realise, literally millions of dollars worth of items get lost or stolen in the work place every year.

Our systems are the most effective manner to deal with this issue, and at the same time, make your work environment more efficient.

Our medical machines work in conjunction with a smart card system which allows you to electronically keep track of all items inside the unit. Whenever an employee or contractor has used an item, the software will display and how many of that item are left remaining.

The cards will be assigned to staff members who will then swipe or insert the card into the medical vending machine. Once this takes place, the system will dispense the desired item.

While the dispensing is taking place, the system will also perform several functions behind the scenes.

  • Record The Machine number/location of unit)
  • Record Item dispensed (ie: Goggles/Medium)
  • Date & time item is released
  • Name of staff member & ID info

Each machine will also be connected to a server that the machine talks to software, which allows for extra functionality.

In the last 10-15 years, OH&S has been paramount in the workplace and companies have been taking it more seriously. By having a system that stores and showcases your medical items placed at your work place, you’re displaying your high commitment to workplace safety.

If a card is lost or taken this is no problem as the the cards don’t contain any monetary value and can be cancelled and reissued at an time..

If you’re interested in our medical vending machines, please call us on 1300 629 153 or visit our contact page