PPE Vending Machines

We here at Brisbane Free Vending stock a wide variety of systems. Our food and drink model is our bread and butter, which the majority of customers ask for. However a we also have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) safety machines available for sale. These systems are perfect for sectors like mining companies and bottling plants,  that need to stock and distribute safety equipment.

Our PPE machine is one impressive piece of technology. It allows you to stock, display and distribute your safety items in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner. Our systems also allow you to record and track details of the user in which the items are being dispensed to. What this will do for you is cut down on theft and lost items, and could save your company thousands of dollars each year.

The most exciting aspect to these are their ability to save you thousands of dollars every year. Unfortunately companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost and stolen equipment. By having a PPE system installed in your work place, you will cut down on lost/stolen items almost by 100%.

To learn more about how these work, please continue reading the FAQ below:

What are PPE Vending Machines?
A system that looks similar to a regular vending machine which allows you to store and showcase various safety items such as goggles, ear muffs, band-aids and a whole lot more. The system works by smart card system and can keep track of who the items are being dispensed to. ppe vending machines

What Are The Other Benefits?

  • (Workplace Safety) With OH&S in the forefront of everyone’s minds, having one of these units in your work environment presents a really positive image and shows your high dedication for work place safety.  Not only will you present a better image, you actually will create a more safer working environment for your employees and customers. It can be very dangerous having things not organised and items laying around. Our PPE units are perfect in keeping your work place tidy and working more efficiently.
  • (Eliminate lost/stolen items) Thanks to their ability to keep a log of who the equipment is being dispensed to, you will pretty much eliminate misplaced or stolen equipment. Once an item is dispensed, the system will automatically make a record of the person and specific item. This feature alone will literally save you thousands of dollars per year, making the system a wonderful investment.
  • (Easily Monitor Stock Levels) Another nice feature is how you’ll automatically be able to keep track of stock levels for each piece of equipment!

How Does The System Work?

The machine has a card reader installed which works together with RFID cards that users will need to dispense their desired item. The user will need to swipe the card once they have decided what they need, and it will then be released.

The machine is connected to a server  or a  modem which allows the machine to talk to software provided. Once an item is released, a number of things behind the scenes take place:

  • Name of Item is recorded
  • User details are recorded
  • Date and time is recorded

To find out more information about PPE vending machines, please call us on 1300 629 153 or visit our contact page