Vending Machine Specs

FREE Vending Machines For Your Brisbane Workplace
We are now offering FREE Brisbane Vending Machines for your work site, school or hospital.

We are very different to most vending companies in Australia. Firstly, we don’t charge you  thousands of dollars to buy a vending machine. In fact we offer you 100% no cost vending machines – with no catches and no contracts!

All that’s required is for you to give us a call and ask us for a machine. If you meet the requirements, we will have our people come to you and install it at your work site at.

Our vending machines are not only free but are also made from quality parts which will decrease the likelihood of common machine errors such as coin jams and products not dispensing correctly.  It’s very important to us to supply you with a quality system, as it effects your satisfaction and our income as well.

Features Of Our Machines:

Extra Large Capacity – (chips, chocolates, cans, bottles, milks, yogurts)

High On Energy Efficiency – The machines we use offer have an insulation pad above the 3rd shelf which keeps the lower section to a constant temperature (as low as 1 degree if desired) with the top area staying a constant 10 degrees warmer.

Vibrant LED lighting – Improve the presentation of the products displayed in the machine and also lowers (lighting) energy costs up to 40% over
the fluorescent models.

iVend Guaranteed Delivery System – Ensure customer satisfaction knowing there is a guarantee. This will alos lower the number of service calls needed for misloaded products

Fight Coin Jams – Our latest machines contain a revolutionary coin slide which will reduce the number of coins users can place in the machine at once. This will eliminate coin jams.

Disabled Friendly The coin slot & key pad is placed perfectly  for users who require wheelchair access.

Extra Large Capacity –  Our machines are very roomy! This will reduce the number of visits needed to refill an empty machine

Designed to Industry Standards – Contains only high quality parts equipped with CoinCo Guardian Coin Mechanism & CoinCo note reader standard

  • BV3 Model: H: 1830mm, W: 760mm, D: 830mm
  • BV5 Model: H: 1830mm, W: 1035mm, D: 830mm

Other Vending Machines
We also offer you other types of machines which you may be interested in: Coffee, Healthy Items and PPE Vending systems.

If you’re ready to order your completely FREE vending machine and you live in the Brisbane area  please contact us on 1300 629 153 . We are very knowledgeable in all things FREE Brisbane vending machines and our friendly staff will help you get started.